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【Product Name:】YH752A/YH752BSolvent free composite adhesive
【Product Model:】YH752A/YH752B

、Matters needing attention
1.   When the A component of the glue is mixed with the B component, the viscosity increases with the extension of timeGlue should be matched with the use, has been mixed with the glue to be used as soon as possible after the end of the barrelYH758AComponents should be used as soon as possible, and try to avoid exposure to air;If the down time is over30min,Mixing system and coating system must be thoroughly cleaned。
2.   Because there is no solvent adhesive adhesion is low, should strictly control the tension and pressure of the composite coating, operation process, control the amount of glue。
3.   Environmental humidity has a significant impact on the composite effect, high temperature and high humidity season should be dehumidification, can be properly reducedYH758BConsumption。
4.Adhesives contain isocyanate groups, so in the operation, to avoid any form of direct contact with the skin, and pay attention to protection。

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