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2016 packaging technology innovation, security and market trends report

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        The twenty-first Century is the century environmental protection, environmental protection has become the primary problem to be solved, as a chemical enterprise, comens new material is to adhere to the "green bond, energy saving and environmental protection, eco friendly!" Environmental protection idea. 
        In order to carry out this idea, improve staff awareness of environmental protection, popularize knowledge of environmental management system, so that employees with a deeper understanding of the environmental management work in their own meaning and can be improved, and ultimately achieve the purpose of preventing pollution, protect the environment, we have organized the two batch of "environmental protection and environmental management system basic knowledge training" the total number of 82.人。96On the afternoon of the second batch of staff training to be held smoothly, the training staff mainly for office staff positions, training related to the status quo and problems of the social environment,ISO14001 environmental management system, environmental management laws and regulations, the implementation of the management system, environmental factors identification and evaluation methods, etc.. 
        From life to work, the training requirements from the basic knowledge system of each post consumption, emissions standards, so that employees understand the environmental management system and each employee's daily work is closely related to everyone, only do system on the job requirements of environmental protection, in order to achieve environmental objectives.
        Environmental protection is a protracted war, is the benefit of future generations of mankind. New materials will continue to pay close attention to the environment, environmental protection!

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